New York State Community College Budget Update

At the most recent meeting of the Academic Senate, Chair Anissa Moore, President Keen, NCCFT President Frank Frisenda, and others engaged in discussion about a proposed new funding model for […]

The NCCFT at NYSUT’s Higher Ed Lobby Day 2019

NYSUT’s Higher Education Lobby Day takes place each year as the New York State Legislature starts preparing its annual budget proposal. Hundreds of higher education labor activists from throughout the […]

I’m Sticking With Our Union!

Some members have asked about getting additional copies of the “I’m Sticking With Our Union” signs that we distributed to Department Reps last semester to display on their office doors. […]

Why We Need NYSUT

This week, NYSUT released its 2018 legislative wrap-up, which we encourage you to read through, as it provides a detailed overview of the legislative work NYSUT does on behalf of […]

Preparing for Janus 5: Why NYSUT Matters

In our last post, we told you about the Empire Center for Public Policy (ECPP) and its role as a right-to-work beachhead for the network of right-wing organizations behind the […]

Preparing for Janus 3: What We’re Up Against

Starting with this post, the next three in our “Preparing for Janus” series, will focus on the following: Locating the Janus case within the right’s broader, national, union-busting strategy; Sketching […]