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An active union membership is fundamental to our mission in education, and that means staying informed! Our public communications shared here will include news, calls to action, open letters, announcements, and other important union information. Please check back here regularly to stay in the loop!

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NCCFT 16 Point Operations Plan to Fix College Deficit and Save NCC

On May 14, 2024, the NCCFT presented to the Board of Trustees 16 initiatives to preserve, renew, and save the college by investing in specific programs and student services. The college administration’s proposed budget, filled with program and service cuts, will disproportionately harm students of color as well as all students from under-resourced communities. The college’s budget has no plan to grow the college and remedy the forcasted deficit. The NCCFT’s proposed 16 initiative for the 2025 Operating Budget would

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2024 NYSUT Endorsed School Board Candidates for Nassau and Suffolk Counties

Please vote May 21 for district budgets and these school board candidates! NYSUT endorsed candidates who are NYSUT members are in blue.  REVISED – 2024 NYSUT NRO/SRO School Board Candidate Endorsements   Thank you for helping to keep our outstanding record of winning school board elections going!  The quality of public education and the security and quality of NYSUT members’ jobs depend on it.

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Rally for Food Service on Campus Apr 22 #NCCFOODFIGHT

Hundreds of students and many faculty showed up on Monday, April 22, 2024, to call on the NCC administration to restore campus dining. The donation of pizza by Previti Pizza & Papazzio Dining in New Hyde Park to feed our students was heartily appreciated by all, and fueled the speakers. We do not, in fact, have a complete list of everyone who stepped up to the microphone and spoke! The need for a cafeteria on campus to feed 11,000 students,

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The NCC Administration’s Catastrophic Mismanagement and the NCCFT’s Cost-Saving Proposals to Grow Enrollment

April 18, 2024 — We have released a report detailing the financial mismanagement, inefficiencies, deception, and potentially self-inflicted budget deficit at the hands of administrators at Nassau Community College. Our report also outlines seven concrete proposals for course correction. Our report follows an independently-led analysis of NCC’s budget practices, and comes on the heels of another proposed consolidation of NCC faculty departments. These proposed mergers, consolidating about 28 academic departments into 6 mega-departments, will result in added costs totaling in

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