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The Nassau Community College Federation of Teachers is a local of New York State United Teachers (NYSUT), a federation of more than 900 local unions representing more than 480,000 people who work in, or are retired from, New York’s schools, colleges, and healthcare facilities. NYSUT represents classroom teachers, college and university faculty and professional staff, school bus drivers, custodians, secretaries, cafeteria workers, teacher assistants and aides, nurses and healthcare technicians.

NYSUT is part of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), the fastest growing union in the United States. We are also part of the AFL-CIO and Education International.

Executive Board

Faren Siminoff


David Stern
Vice President Classroom Faculty

Virginia Sanchioli

Virginia Sanchioli
Vice President Non-Classroom/Professional Faculty


Caroline Falconetti


Suzanne Kaebnick

Department Representatives (Jan '21 - May '23)
Accounting and Business
Delegate Alternate
Adrienne Motel
Phyllis Sherman
Adminstrative Business Technology
Delegate Alternate
Susan Goldson
Binta Christopher
Africana Studies
Delegate Alternate
Dawn Harris
Rodney Patterson
Allied Health Science
Delegate Alternate
Derek Dathe
Tara Schneider
Delegate Alternate
Jason Gorman
Cheryl McBride
Delegate Alternate
Caitlin Thurber
Delegate Alternate
Qi Wang
Charles Hicks
Delegate Alternate
Janet Farrell-Leontiou
Christopher Frederick
Criminal Justice
Delegate Alternate
Jolie Zangari
Robert Costello
Economics and Finance
Delegate Alternate
Daniel Wolman
Darleen Braunshweiger
Engineering/ Physics/ Technology
Delegate Alternate
Ziaullah Khan Durrani
Kathleen Gallagher
Delegate Alternate
Timothy Strode
Mary Lannon
World Languages
Delegate Alternate
Silvina Tricia Flores
Vladimir Konovaliouk
Health/Physical Ed & Recreation
Delegate Alternate
Margaret Toomey
Susan Mitchell
History/Political Science/Geography
Delegate Alternate
Edward Boyden
Leonardo Falcon
Hospitality Business
Delegate Alternate
Dierdre Gibson
Linda Hittleman
Legal Studies
Delegate Alternate
Adrienne Motel
Phylis Sherman
Delegate Alternate
Art Friedman
James Mantegna
Delegate Alternate
Delegate Alternate
Joseph Pescatore
Stephanie Buto
Math/Comp Science/Info Technology
Delegate Alternate
Sandra Keegan
Joseph Bernat
Mortuary Science
Delegate Alternate
Michael Mastellone
Gerald Wingster
Delegate Alternate
Christopher Miley
Harry Marenstein
Delegate Alternate
Sabine Coriolan-Victome
Delegate Alternate
Amanda Favia
Daniel Fernandez
Physical Sciences
Delegate Alternate
Thomas Bruckner
Alexander Sanchioli
Professional Faculty Unit
Delegate Alternate
Thomas O'Beirne
Andrea Warmbrand
Delegate Alternate
Kimberly Wells-Bernard
Sociology, Anthropology & Social Work
Delegate Alternate
Vondora Wilson-Corzen
Jim Young
Student Personnel Services
Delegate Alternate
Gina Sales
Mary Woodruff
Delegate Alternate
Peter Fox
Miriam Hertzon
Graduating Award Scholarships: Joseph F. Carlino Academic Excellence and Service, Aaron Seligman Memorial, M. Debra DeSanto Student Aide, and Carmine DeSanto Stem --- An Appointed Committee

Emanuel Boussios – Co-Chair – (Soc/Anthro/SW)
Linda Hittleman – Co-Chair – (Hospitality Business)
Angela Oglesby-Reyes – (MAT/CSC/ITE)

Incoming Award Scholarship: Joseph F. Carlino, Jr. Memorial Scholarship --- An Appointed Committee

Mahmood Pournazari – Co-Chair – (MAT/CSC/ITE)
Heather Huntington – Co-Chair (MAT/CSC/ITE)
Christopher Roethel – (MAT/CSC/ITE)

Tellers --- An Elected Committee

Susan Mitchell – Chair – (HPER)
Lynn Bergin — (ABT)
Joseph Bernat — (Math/ CSE/ ITS)
Alexander Sanchioli – (ITS)
Caitlin Thurber — (Biology)

Health and Safety --- An Appointed Committee

Doreen Davis — (Fin Aid)
Arthur Friedman — (Library)
Sarah Monahan – (Allied Health Sciences)
Thomas O’Beirne – (PFU – Admissions)
William O’Keefe — (AHS)
David Stern – Ex-Officio – (NCCFT/Phys Sci)

Sabbatical Committee --- An Elected Committee

Debra Grodenchick — Chair — (MAT/ CS/ ITS)
              — Secy — (Accounting/ Bus Admin)
Diana Milillo-Portugal — (Psychology)
Laura O’Connell —  (Communications)
Joseph Pilaro — (English)
Janine Ferraro –First Alternate (Crim Justice)
Gina Sipley (English)
Faren Siminoff — Ex-Officio (Hist/ Poli Sci/ Geog)

Promotion and Tenure Committee --- An Elected Committee

Lynn Bergin — (ABT)
Elizabeth Hynes-Musinsky —  (English)
Sandra Keegan — (MAT/ CSC/ITE)
Debra Mendelson — (Nursing)
Vasiliki Valerie Lagakis — (SPS)
Harry Marenstein –(Music) (2024-2025)
Rodney Patterson-Shabazz —  (Africana Studies)
Daniel Wolman —  (Eco/ Finance)
Jerry Kornbluth (Adm Rep)
Caroline Falconetti — Ex-Officio (Accounting/ Business)

Political Action Committee --- An Appointed Committee

Caitlin Thurber — Co-Chair — (Biology)
Suzanne Kaebnick — Co-Chair — (NCCFT/ English)
David Stern – Co-Chair — (NCCFT/ Physical Sciences)
Thomas Bruckner — (Physical Sciences)
Katherine Cho — (Criminal Justice)
Doreen Davis — (PFU Financial Aid)
Jason Gorman — (Art)
Charles Hicks — (Chem)

Cheryl McBride — (Art)
Margaret Toomey — (HPER)
Kimberly Wells- Bernard — (Psych)

New and Junior Faculty Membership/ Early Career Development Committee--- An Appointed Committee

Kimberly Wells-Bernard — Chair — (Psych)
Tracyann Ayala — (Economics/ Finance)
Leonardo Falcon — (Hist/ Poli Sci/ Geog)
Valerie Fasanello — (English)
Whitney Glass — (Mktg/ Retail/ Fashion)
Steven Greenbaum — (Acct/ Bus)
Gloria Hoerning — (AHS)
Sikha Joseph — (Library)
Stephanie Kraszewski — (Psych)
Christopher Miley — (Music)
Sarah Monahan — (AHS)
Adrienne Nocella — (Phys Sci)
Ryan Patane — (Music)
Matthew Posillico — (English)
Nicole Schiffmacher — (AHS)
Gina Sipley — (English)
Judith Steinhart — (HPER)
Leslie Wong-Loock (Library)

Communications --- An Ad-hoc Appointed Committee
Special Events -- An Appointed Committee

Ernest DeFalco — (MAT/ CSC/ IT)
Christopher Merlo — (MAT/ CSC/ IT)
Daniel Resch — (Chem)
Jason Gorman — (Art)
Suzanne Kaebnick — (English/ Ex-Officio)

Virginia Sanchioli — Ex Officio (NCCFT/ Chem)
Zia Durrani — (Phys/Ens/Tech)
Alexander Sanchioli — (Phys Sci)

Fringe Benefits -- An Appointed Committee
Diversity -- An Ad-hoc Appointed Committee

Doreen Davis — (PFU; Fin Aid)
Ernest DeFalco — (MAT/CSC/IT)
Amanda Favia — (Philosophy)
Ricardo Santos — (English)
Judy Suh — (SPS)
Janis Mazza-Cervouni — (MAT/ CSC/ IT)
David Stern — (Phys Sci Ex-Officio)

 Exarah Cesar– Chair — (PFU) 
Donna Cempa-Danziger — (AHS)
Orval Jewett — (Soc/ Anthro/ SW)
David Pecan — (English)
Nina Shah-Giannaris — (Ens/ Phys/ Tech)
Greg Theodore — (ITS)
Qi Wang – (Chemistry)
Kimberly Wells-Bernard — (Psych)

NCCFT Constitution/ Bylaws -- An Appointed Committee
Elections -- An Ad-hoc Appointed Committee

Margaret Toomey — chair — (HPER)
Paul Sheehan — Secy — (Music)
Joseph Bernat  — (MAT/ CSC/ IT)
Edward Boyden — (Hist/ Poli Sci/ Geog)
Katherine Cho — (Crim Justice)
Kathleen Gallagher — (ENS/ Phys/ Tech)
Faren Siminoff — (Hist/ Poli Sci/ Geog/  Ex Officio)

Vondora Wilson-Corzen — Chair — (Soc/ Anthro/ SW)
Darleen Braunshweiger — (Econ & Finance)
Katherine Cho — (Crim Justice)

Negotiating Committee -- An Elected Committee
Grievance --An Ad-hoc Appointed Committee

Faren Siminoff — Chair — Ex Officio
David Stern — Ex Officio
Caroline Falconetti — Ex Officio
Virginia Sanchioli — Ex Officio
Suzanne Kaebnick — Secy– Ex Officio
Jason Gorman — Member-at-Large (Art)


Thomas Bruckner — (Phys Sci) Grievance Bd Rep
Darleen Braunshweiger — (Eco/ Finance)
Katherine Cho — (Crim. Justice)
Phylis Sherman — (Legal Studies)
Judy Suh — (SPS)

Retirees -- An Appointed Committee
Retirement -- An Appointed Committee

Phyllis Kurland — Chair

Margaret Toomey — Secy — (HPER)
Johanna Mastrototaro — (English)
Judy Suh — (SPS)
Vasiliki Lagakis — (SPS)