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Our Dental Insurance

Our dental insurance is covered under section 38 of the NCCFT contract. SECTION 38 DENTAL PLAN 38-1 The County will contribute $574 annually per employee prorated on a monthly basis […]

Asked & Answered: A Health and Safety Q&A Follow-Up

After we posted the initial Health and Safety Q&A with the administration, we received two follow up questions. Here they are, along with the administration’s responses: Question: In the administration’s […]

Asked & Answered: The Status of The Bookstore

Question: What is the status of the bookstore for the Winterim and Spring semesters? Answer: On October 20th, Vice President Joe Muscarella sent an email to the campus updating us on the […]

Asked & Answered: Is Blackboard Training Mandatory?

Question: Is Blackboard training mandatory? Does the college have the authority to require faculty who are teaching virtually, whether fully online or remotely, to use Blackboard? Answer: The short answer to both […]

Responding to the Unemployment Insurance Scam

At two of the listening sessions ((This week, we are holding small group listening sessions. You should have received the invitation to your department’s listening session, with the date, time, […]