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Our Dental Insurance

  • Our dental insurance is covered under section 38 of the NCCFT contract.


38-1 The County will contribute $574 annually per employee prorated on a monthly basis toward the cost of the dental insurance plan chosen by the employee group.

38-1.2 Should dividends accrue from the dental plan purchased by the NCCFT, such dividends will be remitted to the County. The County shall have such auditing rights as are necessary to enforce this clause. The NCCFT shall not decrease its deductible, nor increase any benefit level more than 20 percent (20%) over the life of this Agreement.

38-2 There shall be a two (2) month waiting period before new employees shall be eligible for dental coverage.

  • Union dues do NOT contribute to our dental insurance. It is the County annual contribution of $574 per member that pays for our dental insurance.

  • NYSUT is NOT involved in our dental insurance. We do not pay money to NYSUT for our dental insurance.

  • Full-time faculty do not contribute anything to the dental insurance for themselves. The County does. However, F/T faculty do pay a biweekly premium in order to cover either one or more eligible dependent.

  • Our dental plan is a traditional, reimbursement type self-insured plan with optional PPO: this means that the County contribution of $574 per year is used to reimburse our dental expenses. This also mean that once the yearly money given by the County and the premiums paid by our members to cover their dependents is spent, there is no other money available to reimburse dental expenses. This is the reason why we have a maximum dental reimbursement benefit per year. We cannot spend more than what we receive.

  • Newman Company is the administrator of our dental plan. It is NOT a dental insurance company. Newman Company bills the County monthly for the allocation as well as the extra premiums that our members pay to cover their dependents. When claims are submitted, Newman Company bills the NCCFT and then reimburses the claims in accordance with our schedule of reimbursement. If our money runs out, the claims cannot be paid.

  • Newman Company does not decide how our dental expenses are reimbursed. The Fringe Benefits Committee decides what is or is not reimbursed and must make sure that the plan does not go broke. Because of the limited amount of money in the dental plan ($574 per year per member plus dependent premiums) the Fringe Benefits Committee made the decision many years ago to reimburse 100% of preventive and diagnostic care (reasonable and customary charge for our region). So far, the plan has broken even every and each year. The NCCFT treasurer and the NCCFT Benefits Committee members review periodically Newman Company’s financial reports.

3 Responses

  1. But when I went to dentists in Suffolk county I was told Newman pays very slowly so they will not accept Newman.

  2. @Vondora: the payment is slow because first Newman bills the NCCFT. Then the NCCFT releases the money to Newman. Then Newman pays the dentist.
    Christine Tuaillon, chair Fringe Benefit Committee

  3. To say that the Newman Company pays slowly is an understatement. It takes between 3 to 4 months to be reimbursed for dental expenses. I am still waiting for a claim that went to Newman three months ago.

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