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Give a Big Welcome to our New Full-time Faculty!

Barbara Applegate, Art, Technical AssistantTania Barbosa, AHS, Clinical InstructorMaria Benner, Nursing, InstructorPatricia Bove, Hospitality, InstructorJoseph Causarano, AHS, InstructorDonna D’Ambrosio, Math/Com, Technical AssistantDerek Dathe, AHS, InstructorJean Forbes-Chung, Nursing, InstructorRobert Fournier, Chemistry, […]

Towards a “More Perfect Union” at NCC

We have two wonderful celebrations this month. Let’s welcome Juneteenth and Pride Month to reflect on our communities and, in particular, our college community. The emancipation order of June 19, […]

STEM at Long Island Community Colleges

Look at Newsday‘s coverage of Suffolk Community College’s expansion in STEM fields! What does NCC get? A planetarium with windows (!) and holes (!) in its dome.

Understanding Your Pay Deduction

Dear Members, Posted below is the chart regarding pay deductions due to the college’s decision to enact clause 36-5 of our contract, which the college office of human resources distributed […]

Negotiations Update, March 14, 2023

Let’s Review  Over the years the NCCFT has agreed to a contract in which  everything we value sunsets, and, most egregiously, since 1982 the contract has contained a provision (section […]