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Nassau Community College Federation of Teachers Files Legal Action Against College Board of Trustees and County of Nassau

Garden City, NY, June 24, 2024 – The Nassau Community College Federation of Teachers (NCCFT) and several individual faculty members have filed a lawsuit against the Nassau Community College Board of Trustees and the County of Nassau. The lawsuit challenges the recent decision to eliminate 15 academic departments. In doing so, Nassau Community College disregards its commitments to students in its state-approved curriculum program.

The proposed restructuring also contradicts the College’s strategic plan and the objectives of the SUNY Guided Pathways initiative, which aims to improve student outcomes through structured educational experiences and support. 

Above all, if enacted, the plan would deny students the academic program to which they are lawfully entitled.

The College’s administration made this decision without proper procedure, which goes against its commitments to students. This restructuring will negatively impact the quality of education and support services, which are critical for student success.

The suit seeks a court declaration that the College’s actions were improper and unlawful. This includes stopping the College from eliminating academic departments, ordering them to restore the previous structure, and reinstating eliminated positions.

NCCFT President Faren Siminoff stated, “This decision by the College’s administration not only threatens the quality of education at Nassau Community College but also undermines the very foundation of academic support that our students rely on. We are committed to ensuring that the College adheres to its legal and ethical obligations.”

“As educators, we have a duty to our students to provide them with the best possible opportunities to succeed and to do everything we can to ensure the College meets this obligation. This legal action seeks to protect students’ educational and career opportunities and the long-term stability of Nassau Community College.”

The case is scheduled to be heard at the Nassau County Courthouse on July 29, 2024.

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  1. Interesting, you should also note that the advertisements that n CC is putting out there.Still says we have twenty student classes which is far from true and that we are a student guided and advised program

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