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Nassau Community College’s Colloquium on Dual Enrollment – October 25, 2019

On Friday, October 25th, faculty, staff and administration gathered in the CCB Multipurpose Room to begin a discussion about offering dual enrollment courses at Nassau Community College—specifically, courses offered at local high schools for which high school seniors can earn college credit. The colloquium was divided into three parts:

  • During the first part, President Williams provided us with some context for thinking about the need for dual enrollment at NCC; Valerie Collins, Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs, discussed some of the issues related to maintaining academic standards in dual enrollment; and Maria Conzatti, Vice President for Academic/Student Affairs, discussed the implementation of dual enrollment classes.  
  • During the second part, Professor Anissa Moore, Chair of the Academic Senate; Frank Frisenda, President of the NCCFT; Stefan Krompier, President of the AFA; and Professor Noreen Lowey, Chair of Chairs responded to questions from the audience and posed questions of their own, which resulted in some interesting and lively discussion.
  • During the third part, Professor Moore offered a recap of the morning’s proceedings

Throughout, emphasis was on the fact that the colloquium was the beginning of a conversation that will continue at the Academic Senate, in the College-Wide Curriculum Committee, and in our departments. We encourage you to watch the video, go through the PowerPoint presentation, and share any questions and concerns you might have in the relevant forums.

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