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VNC on Trustees, CAO Conzatti, and Senior Administration

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  1. Nassau was one of the top community colleges in the country before we retired 13 years ago. It is appalling and sad how low it has sunk due to poor leadership that began with Dr. Astrab and the spiral downward continues.
    Sean Fananelli was a dynamic leader which these administrators cannot match. Sad but true.

  2. I support the vote of no confidence of the Board and senior administration by current faculty.
    NCC has been a bedrock institution for students of Nassau county and must remain so!

  3. What this administration has done to the Nursing department is a travesty- the excellent program that used to be is gone- the education of future nurses- those professionals who will care for us are not receiving the education they need or deserve- because faculty have been lost, preventing those left unable to utilize equipment that help train their students-

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