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Please Deliver our Salary Increases NOW

We have been told that the county will not make arrangements for our raises,  retroactive pay increases, or reimburse us for 36-5 payments made as of September 1, 2023 until after other county unions have received their raises. 

We encourage everyone to write to Nassau County legislators and Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman, either by post or email or by both. If you live in Nassau, please address elected officials both as your elected representative as well as your employer.  Emails to legislators can be delivered through contact/ email forms linked on individual legislators’ pages; just paste your letter into each textbox and add the name of the legislator.  

Here is a sample letter, again feel free to personalize, and include your connection as a Nassau resident, including your district, if this is the case:

Dear Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman,

I urge you to do all that you can to ensure that Nassau Community College full-time faculty immediately receive their negotiated raises, including their retroactive increases dating back to September 2022, and reimbursements for 36-5 pay deductions made as of September 1, 2023. 

The county ratified this agreement on January 23, 2024. Many weeks have passed since then, and faculty have not received their pay increases, nor have they been given a date certain to receive them. We have been informed that we will not receive our contractual increases and reimbursements until other county unions have received theirs. We hope this is not true.

Nassau Community College faculty suffered a difficult financial year in 2023 caused by the college implementing section 36-5 pay deductions that were enacted retroactively to January 2023, leading some to take out loans, work odd jobs, and even resort to the campus food pantry to make ends meet. It is time to make your community college faculty whole.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Suzanne Kaebnick, Professor
English Department, Nassau Community College 

Nassau County Legislature:  https://www.nassaucountyny.gov/489/County-Legislature

Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman’s contact form:  https://forms.nassaucountyny.gov/contact/agencies/ce/contact.php

Thanks for all you do to build our strength as a union!

The NCCFT Executive Committee

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  1. Why is the college last on the list-after all the other county unions have been paid? Our retro pay goes back to 2022! This is absurd!

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