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VOTE-COPE Raffle Winners!! 

Our first winner is Timothy Strode and our second winner is Mark Campbell!  There are two prizes: One, the Next (3rd) Generation Airpods and, two, an Amazon gift card for $150.00. Timothy will have first choice of the two prizes as the first winner.

Thank you so much to all new contributors — and to all longterm contributors to VOTE-COPE.

VOTE-COPE money is vital to both the NCCFT and NYSUT as union dues can’t be used for political lobbying. At the state level, NYSUT is working to:  place a faculty trustee on  the Boards of Community Colleges, fix Tier VI in the New York pension system, define a maximum heat temperature for classrooms, and secure increases in State funding for both K-12 and higher education.  

Forty Percent of your VOTE-COPE contributions are returned to the NCCFT. We are using those funds to  lobby  the  Nassau Legislature for an increase in the county’s contribution to  the college’s operating budget.  The college has gone for 16 years without an increase from the county. We  are also using VOTE-COPE to support local candidates who will advocate for NCC. In the 2023 county legislature elections we supported both Republican and Democrat candidates, and 8 of the 12 candidates we supported won election, including Delia DeRiggi-Whitton, the new Minority chair. 

We need to build state and county support for community colleges. Money really does build political strength . . . we greatly appreciate your participation and contribution! 

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  1. Listen, I never contributed to vote cope because I felt like NYSUT only cared about k-12, but since Faren became president, NYSUT is finally working for us and they’ve been putting their political power behind us.

    1. Thanks for this, Tom. We need to keep after NYSUT as long as we’re with them. I have long favored another union election in which we consider switching to the UAW or the IAM, but if Faren can get NYSUT to deliver, so much the better.

  2. I am confused if the President says we don’t need any more money how is lobbying the legislature going to work?

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