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Let’s Reaffirm Our Humanity

In a world wracked by social injustice and an endless stream of daily human tragedies the terrorist attack by Hamas against innocent civilians shocked the world. This was more than a massacre, but a well-planned desecration of human life. As the President of Princeton University Christopher L. Eisgruber said, “Even in a world weary and torn by violence and hatred, Hamas’s murder and kidnapping of hundreds of Israelis over the past weekend is among the most atrocious of terrorist acts.”

SUNY Chancellor John B.  King issued this statement: “We stand with the families and loved ones of the victims, the state of Israel, and our Jewish students, faculty, and community members.”

To condemn this planned slaughter, rape, and decapitation of babies is not a political statement, but a reaffirmation of our common humanity. We cannot be silent witnesses.   

Last, we want to be clear that this statement is not a refutation or condemnation of the Palestinian people, but of Hamas, a terrorist organization. The repercussions of this terrorist act by Hamas will result in the death of countless innocent victims, both Israeli and Palestinian. We will pray for all the innocent victims.  

We pray that both sides will come to respect and honor the humanity of the other and pray for a future where a common ground is seen — and truly shared — will become a reality.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this important statement. I join you in praying for the innocent victims and for a world in which humanity is the norm.

  2. What about the 40,000 civilians killed by Israel? This is a genocide against the Palestinian people

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