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Call for Volunteers for Informational Picketing!

We need volunteers for informational picketing in March and April!

We need a fair contract, and we must get the word out! We know that Nassau County wants a strong, thriving community college.  What Nassau County does not know is that our junior faculty are not making a middle class wage. Let’s get the word out and add to our Letter Campaign. As of Mar. 15, about 565 emails have been to Nassau County legislators and another 565 to the County Executive Bruce Blakeman for a total of 1,130 letters! We want to increase those numbers!  

Our 2 days of informational picketing in February were pretty successful, leading to about 200 more letters. It was also fun! Participants reported feeling energized by the positive response from people they spoke to.  

We are planning several more days of informational picketing, and we hope all members will sign up for a slot. If the times given don’t work for you, use the comments section in the RSVP to suggest days and times that would! 

Dates: Mon. March 20, Tues. Mar. 21, Fri. Mar. 31, Sat. April 8, Sun. Apr 16.  

RSVP sign-up form:


NCCFT Secretary and PAC Co-Chair Suzanne Kaebnick will be in contact with you once you sign up. Please be sure to use a private email address and provide a cell phone; the coordinator, or your fellow volunteers, may need to reach you shortly before or during the leafleting action.

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