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Become More, NCC Alumni Share their Experience

The NCCFT has been active on a number of fronts, including getting more value from NYSUT and promoting the college. We are proud to announce that due to our efforts, NYSUT is launching the “Become More” campaign designed to promote community colleges across the state. The NCCFT was pivotal in convincing NYSUT to undertake this campaign and in NCC being selected as 1 of the 3 community colleges in the state highlighted. To make this campaign a reality, we worked closely with NYSUT, recruiting alumni participants who appear in the ads.  

One disappointment: We approached the college administration months ago about assisting NYSUT with the campaign. The request: give NYSUT permission to film on campus and provide extant footage (waivers, insurance, etc. would have been provided). In what has become typical for this administration, the answer was “NO.” Another missed opportunity for the college.  Despite this setback, we persevered resulting in this wonderful campaign to promote the NCC and its faculty. 

The videos highlight the quality service and education delivered by our members, which is clearly ignored by the administration and by our Board of Trustees, and offer a needed reminder to our statewide and county sponsors that they get a big bang for their buck from us.  We expect NYSUT will make the campaign live later in March or April.  However, in addition to the videos below here is there landing page in progress; security controls do not allow it to be embedded:  https://becomemorecc.org/nassau-community-college/ 

Your union at work.  

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  1. These videos are just great! I can’t believe the school missed this opportunity to draw positive attention. I hope there will be more to come!

  2. It is important for the College Administration to have a vision for the future of our beloved institution. Good management practices require that this vision be shared with all stakeholders (faculty, staff, students, financial supporters of the institution, the public, etc.) Unfortunately, there is such a “vision” it is not clear what that entails or if the community agrees with the vision and its direction. Without consensus, a vision can become a nightmare.

    NCC has always been a place where students can get a fresh start at exploring the world of higher education. Whether that place provides graduating with a degree that immediately means entry to the work of work, or is the stepping stone to a more advanced degree, we have always taken pride in providing our students with the best possibilities. I hope that never ends!

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