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Thanksgiving November 2022

There are so many things we are grateful for; too many to list, but here are some!   

Thank you. . .

To the faculty who signed up for the NCCFT Political Action Committee (PAC), either at our PAC luncheon or via our online form. Your names have been added to Committee list on the “About” page of our blog. (If others still want to sign up for the PAC, here is the form again: https://forms.gle/kuKQ2t7rhVTLAsyYA)

To faculty contributing to the political action fund, VOTE-COPE.  (Our union dues cannot be used for donations to political candidates or committees; at the same time, state and county legislatures are where some of the most basic and critical conditions our work lives, and our students’ opportunities are decided.) We’re beginning a VOTE-COPE drive, so look in your campus mailboxes for the form over the next few weeks.

To those presenting at our Monday November 21 faculty-led tour for Nassau County Legislators: Theatre/ Dance Chair Richard Ginsburg, Art Chair Izolda Maksym, Nursing Chair Joan Buckley, and Thomas Bruckner.  

To Thomas Bruckner for his work in preparing many FOIL requests. 

To Fran Gulinello and Dan Wohlman for running for the two open P&T alternate positions.  And thank you to the Tellers Committee for their conscientious work carrying out our elections: Chair Susan Mitchell, Secretary Dorothy Rabbene, Alex Sanchioli, Jason Gorman, and Valerie Lagakis.

To the NCCFT Special Events Committee:  Alex and Virginia Sanchioli, Richard Cappiello, Zia Durrani, and Dorothy Rabbene, who have organized food for multiple events this fall. 

To PAC Co-chair Caitlin Thurber for absolutely everything you have done to get the NCCFT PAC off the ground!

To all the faculty who attended the Oct 27 NCCFT General Meeting. Work continues to reconcile and consolidate our NCCFT Bylaws and Constitution, but we are gratified that Article III and the Resolution for (a one-time) Staggered Elections for NCCFT Executive Committee positions passed. Thank you to the NCCFT Bylaws and Constitution Chair Joseph Bernat and committee members: Paul Sheehan, Ed Boyden, Katherine Cho, Kathleen Gallagher, Margaret Toomey, and Jeremy Wong for all their hard work and dedication.

To Plaza Art Gallery Director Lynn Rozzi Casey for hosting and promoting to the media Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez’s exhibit, “Arte de la Borginqueńa” and to Art Chair Izolda Maksym for supporting this and for reaching out to the NCCFT to invite legislators. The artist-led tour on November 10 was attended and appreciated  by Nassau County Legislators Mazi Melesa Pilip and Debra Mulé.

To Grievance Committee members Darleen Braunshweiger, Katherine Cho, and Phyllis Sherman. You have had some work this semester!  

To faculty who spoke at Board of Trustees and Nassau County Legislature meetings in September, October, and November:  Theatre and Dance Chair Rich Ginsburg, Art Chair Izolda Maksym, Biology chair Christine Tuallion, Math/ CSC/ IT Chair Stuart Kaplan, NCCFT Secretary Suzanne Kaebnick, and NCCFT Vice President of Classroom Faculty Dave Stern.

To the planners of the NYSUT Community College Conference (including President Siminoff), which was held from Nov. 4-6 (and attended by President Faren Siminoff, Vice President of Classroom Faculty David Stern, Vice President of Non-Classroom Faculty Valerie Lagakis, Secretary Suzanne Kaebnick, PAC Co-Chair Caitlin Thurber, and English Department Representative Timothy Strode). Siminoff moderated a session, ”History of Labor and Social Justice Movements” and Stern moderated a session, “Health and Safety: The Union Seat at the Table.” We appreciated the informative sessions on lobbying, grievances, workforce development,  health and safety, and the First Amendment of the Constitution as it pertains to academic speech rights.

To everyone who signed the #nccfor2023 petition and attended the May 2023 rally while Pres. Siminoff spoke to the legislature: Consuelo Arias, Susan Beganskas, Joseph Bernat, Clyde Brogdon, Stephanie Buto, Katherine Cho, Anne Cubeta, Deirdre Gibson, Jason Gorman, Debra Grodenchick, Evelyn and Marvin Deluty, Thomas Field, Richard Ginsburg, Lea Gennaro, Charles Hicks, Linda Hittleman, Elizabeth Hynes-Musnisky, Orval Jewett, Mary Lannon, Vladimir Konovaliouk, Valerie Lagakis, Cheryl McBride, Thomas O’Beirne, Deirdre O’Connor, Francesco Pupa, Suzanne Kaebnick, Christine Rau, Deborah Renwrick, Alex Sanchioli, Rodney Patterson Shabazz, Joseph Pescatore, David Stern, Nicole Schiffmacher, Timothy Strode, Margaret Toomey, Joel Vessels, Frances Viscovich. (If we have missed your name, please forgive!) Thank you to people who planned to attend the June rally, that was canceled due to rain: among them, some names that come to mind are:  Amanda Favia, Darci Burdge, Silvia Albanese, and Bob Costello. 

Last, but definitely not least, we give thanks to the guidance of attorney Beth Margolis whose expertise with college unions’ contracts is truly valuable as we pursue contract negotiation with the College. And we give thanks to NYSUT Labor Relations Specialist Kevin Pollitt, whose experience has been helpful in myriad ways, including grievances.

It is, so far, a very active year, but most importantly, we are making progress and becoming stronger!

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