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How to Improve Enrollment

We all know NCC is “enrollment challenged,” so we encourage the administration to adopt the following policies:

  • Give our students a simpler, easier online application and an “instant acceptance.” The NCC Home page should focus on applying to NCC with large and easy to find links on pages. One click should take the student to the online application page. If SCC can do this, why can’t NCC? https://www.sunysuffolk.edu/
  • Consider embedding a link to the online application in media promotions.
  • Waive student application fees, if not permanently, then at least for the 2022-2023 school year.
  • Extend the deadline for fall registration. 
  • Do not drop students who have not paid their tuition on time. Often their financial aid awards arrive after the semester has started. Work with students more to help them navigate financial aid and figure out payment plans.
  • Do not cancel low enrollment classes in early to mid-August. Many departments experience last minute registration and with the continued application problems we need to let classes run. Cancelling classes so early results in late registering students not being able to register for much needed classes, hurts NCC’s reputation, and has hurt enrollment in the past.
  • Create more late start classes and second half of the semester classes.
  • Aggressively promote the Excelsior Scholarship for full-time students (it only covers tuition so staying local helps financially) and the New York State Part-Time Scholarship (PTS Award Progam) which has a due date of Aug. 15.
  • Add the PTS Award to the NCC Financial page website. 
  • Aggressively promote NCC’s excellence and academic opportunities.  Our recent blog posts about faculty achievements from our Biology, Communications, and English departments are just a few examples. 
  • Do not merge departments, which, if done without consultation with the Academic Senate and an established policy, is illegal, and which will certainly create more internal chaos harming our students, the college’s reputation and, yes, enrollment.

Promote NCC in a positive and appealing manner on social media and in the community, and let’s make it easy to apply.

If readers have any more suggestions on how to improve enrollment, please send to: communications@nccft.org.

3 Responses

  1. Thank you NCCFT for a thoughtful and insightful list of suggestions to our enrollment situation. When I started at NCC in 1983 we were the “largest single-campus community college” in the SUNY system. We were also the highest paid faculty all community colleges. We can no longer claim either of these distinctions.
    I attribute our present situation to the following.
    1. A politically-driven Board of Trustees
    2. A union that catered to the BOT, at the expense of the faculty and students.
    3. A Lack of strong leadership in the administration.
    4. The erosion of shared governance.
    5. And many more problems
    I am relieved that we have restored strong union leadership to our college. When the BOT recognises that it is the reputation of the faculty, not the administration that feeds enrollment, maybe we can begin to make NCC the extraordinary college that it once was.

  2. Oh and one more thing to help enrollment: do not drop students who have not paid their tuition on time. Sometimes they are trying to navigate the financial aid and their award comes after the semester has started. Advertise better that students can pay in several installments. I also wonder if students wait until late August to register so that they do not have to pay earlier their tuition.

  3. Thank you for your responses, Wayne and Christine. Christine, you raise important points to include in our “tips” to boost enrollment, and we will amend to include it!

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