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A DECADE OF DECLINE: The Academic Senate Votes No Confidence in the Board of Trustees’ Chair and Vice-Chair on April 21, 2022

This past week there has been an extended discussion about the College’s failure to fix the College Admissions’ online application process. The College has not provided potential applicants with a fully online application going on five registration periods. We ask: How could the College permit this when we are losing enrollment? We know that the more hoops prospective students must jump through, the less likely potential students will apply. We are the only college in the region that does not provide a fully online application.

This may seem small, but it is just one of many examples of the overall poor management of NCC: wasteful contracts that patch, but never fix our health and safety problems, the failure to initiate or promote programs, a Board of Trustees which does not fundraise or advocate for additional county funding; for reference, NCC has not seen an increase in county funding for its operating budget in 14 years. Finally, poor management led to the near loss of our accreditation in 2016. It appears the Board is again orchestrating the type of missteps that will lead to NCC losing its accreditation in the near future. The Board’s inaction, lack of vision, and sheer incompetence has brought us to where we are today.

At the head of this looming disaster since 2013 are Board of Trustees Chair Jorge Gardyn and Vice-Chair Kathy Weiss. At the April 12th Board of Trustees’ meeting, NCCFT President Siminoff called on the trustees to resign, and on April 21, the NCC Academic Senate unanimously Voted No Confidence in Chair Gardyn and Vice-Chair Weiss.

We hope that the Chair and Vice-Chair who have presided over this decade of decline, will, for the good of the College, our students, and all the dedicated NCC employees, do the honorable thing and resign.

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  1. Perhaps it is time to use the Adelphi University fiasco as a model to call on the University of the State of New York, i.e. the Regents, to investigate and take action concerning this Board of Trustees.

    1. The Adelphi BOT looted the school transferring millions of dollars in funds to their cronies. I have not heard that our BOT had engaged in that level of malfeasance. It might work as a model anyway but its probably premature for that kind of parallel.

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