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Congratulations to Professor Moore!

Congratulations to Professor Anissa Moore on her appointment as Nassau’s Deputy County Executive for Health and Human Services!  

Professor Moore’s appointment is the latest success in a career of civic leadership:  professor, dean, author, minister, Long Beach City Council president, and now Deputy County Executive for Health and Human Services in Nassau! We are immensely proud of her. We know she will be our voice within the county.

We also want to say:  Professor Moore, you always have a home at NCC!!

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  1. When I think about Anissa, I think of the word ambition. The word is Latin and it means to go around. Here, as the post states, Anissa has “gone around” politics, education, literature and religion. I think that the word teaches us that in order to be effective within these settings, one needs to do the work of going around and building community. Not only does Anissa embody this quality but she does this work traversing very different settings. Congratulations, Anissa. You make us all proud.

  2. Yes! Well stated, Janet. She amazes me. I went to some of the free forums at the Long Beach Library that she organized to create a supportive, networking community for women in their personal endeavors. Very organized and helpful. This is only one of the many things she does to give back to the community. She is truly inspirational as she breaks through boundaries for the betterment of society. Bravo, Anissa!

  3. Congratulations, Anissa!!!
    … my partner in the Senate Executive Committee, the Faculty Council of Community Colleges and so much more. You truly exemplify the essence of dedication to the community that you so care about. Now you will have an even greater influence not only serving all who need it, but also inspiring others to do more and to do it better than before. Janet and Heather expressed sentiments I and many of us, your colleagues, share.
    Just as you did as NCC Senate Chair, I hope you use your communication skills and patience to show everyone in your new circle of associates what civility is and how well it can work.
    Best wishes for a successful and rewarding time as Deputy County Executive for Health and Human Services!

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