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Room F-3293 Garden City, New York 11530

Speakers for the Cancelled 12-14-2021 NCC Board of Trustees Meeting

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  1. It is safe to say that every member of the faculty immediately understood the problem with the illogical idea to transfer the Technologists in academic departments into ITS. Unfortunately, the two people who rushed this ill conceived idea into place and ignored the advice of the knowledgeable experts in this area, one of whom was recently made the head of ITS, have no idea of the roles of Technologists and how they are not interchangeable. Any decision maker has the duty and obligation to understand an operation prior to making a monumental change to that operation. A good administrator seeks to understand what he does not know and amend what he wants to do for the overall betterment of the institution and its students once presented with factual evidence from experts, in a given area, that runs counter to his beliefs. What we have been witnessing here, for the past several years, is the implementation of poor decisions, the unwillingness to even listen to the many talented faculty on campus who have made countless suggestions that would have stopped these decisions from being implemented and the unmasking of the true lack of understanding of how this campus operates. What has this recipe produced…. a college that is free falling, with the lowest enrollment since the years that immediately followed its founding. Dramatic changes must take place if NCC is to survive.

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