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The NCCFT Executive Committee Notes Two Important Firsts

The NCCFT Executive Committee would like to take note of two significant firsts that took place within the last couple of days:

Since the NCCFT is an affiliate member of the AFL-CIO, we also want to note that the federation’s current leadership team is the most diverse in the organization’s history. The Executive Council also elected United Steelworkers (USW) International Vice President Fred Redmond to succeed Shuler as Secretary-Treasurer. Redmond is the first African American to hold the organization’s number two office. Rounding out this diverse leadership team is Tefere Gebre. Gebre, who is Black, an immigrant, and a political refugee will continue in his current role as executive vice president. We hope that, in the elections that will be held next year, the AFL-CIO’s membership will vote to continue this trend of diversity in leadership.

The NCCFT Executive Committee congratulates both Governor Hochul and President Shuler on their new positions and we wish them all success.

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  1. This is not progress if their only reason for being gov. of NY and Pres of AFL/CIO is being female. Celebrate if they truly are the best for the jobs–merits.

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