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BOT Watch: NCC Board of Trustees Meeting – June 21, 2021, with NCCFT President Donna Hope’s Remarks

Good evening President Williams and Members of the Board. 

 Happy Summer! 

 I realize that I have said this more times than I care to think about, but it has been a difficult year, and yes, we have survived.  

 I also realize that we will be facing another year filled with new challenges… requiring all of us to work together as we act in the best interests of our students, and we move our college forward. 

 I would like to thank everyone who is working to ensure we have a safe environment in order to protect every member of our campus community. 

I hope that the Fall 2021 Semester will be the start of our recovery to move us closer to a successful future for Nassau Community College. I know that it is critical that we find a way to work together with a positive attitude and a focus on building a supportive community to ensure this success together. Nassau Community College means too much to our students, our community, and to every member of faculty and staff who work at this institution. 

 Wishing everyone a healthy and peaceful summer!  

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