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A Brief Dispatch From Tonight’s NCC Board of Trustees Meeting – April 13, 2021

At tonight’s Board of Trustees meeting, Vice President Joe Muscarella offered a preliminary overview of the measures the college will be taking to prepare for a safe return to campus in the fall. He indicated that he would be reporting on additional measures in the near future and that the administration would be providing more detail to the campus community as the semester progresses. These are the initial actions on the part of the administration that he shared:

  • Coordination with Environmental Consultant on selective air testing throughout the buildings to be occupied
    • Apply CDC guidance as to the tests to be performed
    • Identify any issues/apply corrective action as needed
    • Share results with the campus (as per established policy)
  • Inspect all HVAC units, individual units and and central systems for functionality to meet CDC requirements
    • Service – clean/replace filters
    • Repair/replace parts as needed
  • Analysis of all domestic water systems for lead accumulation due to prolonged shutdowns

There is a great deal of uncertainty regarding what Fall 2021 is going to be like. One thing, however, is certain: Our top priority needs to be making sure that our return to campus, whatever form it takes, is as safe and healthy as possible. We were, therefore, very glad to hear VP Muscarella’s report and we look forward to learning more details and to sharing them with our members.

We’ll be posting the videos of the meeting within the next day or so,

2 Responses

  1. It would have been nice if these measures took place back in August 2020, prior to the campus reopening in Sept. 2020 for a number of us.

  2. I am concerned about the prospect of NCC reopening face to face and really hope it isn’t as a result of admin/gubernatorial pressure. After Andrew Cuomo’s brief career as the anti-Trump de facto leader, I’m glad there’s been a return to sanity (“This guy isn’t a liberal. Hell, he’s barely a Democrat” as we used to say four or five years ago.) However, the news about the variants of COVID is not good. It’s extremely discouraging, even threatening. It’s well and good to clean up the campus and take a realistic view of the costs of establishing a safe environment. But I think the NCCFT ought to seriously consider whether the college should reopen (ftf) in view of the dangerous variants coming our way.

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