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West Virginia’s Governor Jim Justice Admits “Right to Work” Just Doesn’t Work

Dear Colleagues,

Back in Spring 2018, we published a series of posts on the Supreme Court’s Janus decision (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), a victory that the right trumpeted as crucial to its so-called “right to work” strategy, which is really a strategy for busting public sector unions nationwide. Well, Jim Justice, the Republican governor of West Virginia–site of the 2018 West Virginia Teacher’s Strike–who signed his state’s right-to-work law admitted just a couple of day’s ago that it was a failure. (H/T AFL-CIO Daily Brief)

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  1. West Virginia was created at the start of the Civil War because the people of that area did not want to secede from the Union or back the cause of the War — the preservation of slavery. The state has now become one of the most “right wing” states in the Union, a stronghold of white supremacists (also known as modern day Republicans), and one of the poorest in the Nation. To think that this governor, a former Democrat, is finally understanding that Right to Work doesn’t create jobs or a strong middle class is almost laughable. The national Right to Work movement has been pushing their lie for more than 40 years. An intelligent person should understand the true nature of their big lie already.

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