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BOT Watch: NCC Board of Trustees Meeting – February 9, 2021, with Treasurer Caroline Falconetti’s Remarks

Committee Meeting

Public Session

Remarks Delivered By NCCFT Treasurer Caroline Falconetti

As the current dual enrollment MOA is about to expire, we look forward to working with administration on a fair & equitable successor agreement.

We are still receiving numerous covid concerns by our members located in the student service center and the library where they are working face to face with students.  We understand there is frustration with both our members and those in administration. We have proposed to Dr. Williams to host an open forum starting with members of the student service center and the library and members of administration such as Dr. Singhani, VP Muscarella, Chief Roddini and VP Conzatti so individuals can share their questions and concerns.  This will allow for an open dialogue so that both faculty and administration can feel acknowledged and validated and that all those attending can hear the responses to the critical questions being asked instead a frustrating exchange of emails.

At our most recent meeting with the President Williams, VPs Lausch and Conzatti, and Laurie Pezzullo, President Williams mentioned that he wants to start a campus wide discussion on what it means to be student-ready and student-centered. We as a faculty have always put our students at the center of who we are and what we do. One lesson we have learned over the years is that for NCC to be truly be student-ready and student-centered the institution needs to be truly faculty-ready and faculty-centered in ways that support every member and make them feel valued. We look forward to future discussions that address these issues in a focused and productive way.

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  1. I wish to extend my appreciation to Caroline and the NCCFT for bringing this critical issue forward to the Board. Unfortunately, I am not able to attend Board meetings since I work on Tuesday evenings. I am happy to note that Dr. Singhani met with me last week to address some of the concerns in the library.

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