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The NCCFT Executive Board Has Approved $1500 Donations to The NEST and The Children’s Greenhouse

The COVID pandemic has played havoc with all of our lives. Our students, of course, are no exception. In what people have started calling “the before times,” the NCCFT used our faculty and holiday luncheons as opportunities to collect money and/or supplies to donate to both The NEST and The Children’s Greenhouse. This year, obviously, we were not able to do that. Therefore, on November 10th, the Executive Board voted instead to donate part of the money the union saved by not hosting those events: $1500 each to the NEST and the Greenhouse. Those two campus organizations play a crucial role in making sure that all members of the campus community have the support they need to succeed in their respective roles. We are glad to be able to play our role in supporting that work.

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