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The NCCFT Executive Committee’s Response to the September 2020 Issue of The Vanguard

Dear Colleagues,

We read with interest and solidarity the most recent issue of The Vanguard, the Adjunct Faculty Association’s newsletter. In his column, “From The President’s Desk,” AFA President Stefan Krompuer raises important questions about the relationship between and among Nassau Community College’s declining enrollment, its retention and marketing efforts, and, by implication at least, the budget deficit. The emails regarding the college’s new textbook policy that are included in the newsletter are particularly telling.

President Krompier’s message deserves serious consideration by all members of the college community which is why, with his permission, we are making the newsletter available here to our membership.

2 Responses

  1. The new textbook policy is a disaster, but President Williams has emerged as the master of the whitewash and cannot be counted on to do anything unless confronted.

    The NCCFT, AFA, Academic Senate, and Chairs Committee can do something if they form a united front.

    Retired but not dead,


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