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Congratulations To Our Retirees!

Please join the NCCFT Executive Committee in offering our congratulations and best wishes to those of our colleagues who will be retiring August 31. We wish them health, happiness, and fulfillment as they enter this next stage of their lives. 

Victor Abravaya                     Joan Alexander                       Gregory Arend

Mary Beck                              Stephen Beck                          Maryann Blessinger

Barbara Brady                         Laurel Brett                             George Bruns

Maryann Capone                    Lynn Rozzi Casey                  Thomas Casserly

Gail Cavallo                            Dennis Christy                        Dominic Ciardullo                  

Ronald Cunsolo                      Andrew De Joseph                  Richard Delbango

Albert Donor                           Constance Egelman                Peter Euler

Cathy Fagan                            Rhona Feigenbaum                 Frank Frisenda

Joseph Gray                            Sharon Grossman                   Mark Halfon

Caroline Kaufmann                Barbara Kennedy                    Phyllis Kurland

Dorotea Litvak                        Lois Lucca                              Jack Mandel

Maryellen McNamara             Marilyn Monroe                     David Nugent

Mary Peck                               Wayne Ramsey                       Maureen Reeves

Stephen Rose                          Steven Samuels                      Chris Schwertman

Jane Segadelli                         Richard Silvestri                     Norman Spencer

Mario Susko                           Rosemarie Tavitian                Marguerite Teubner

Huda Touma                           Catherine Vanek                     William Zatulskis

9 Responses

  1. So many dear friends and colleagues! Congratulations!
    May you continue to be trailblazers wherever you go. You will be sorely missed.
    Good health and happiness to all!

  2. So many wonderful people that I worked with and made the college what it is today!

    Enjoy your retirement.


  3. I have enjoyed working alongside of so many of you. I can’t imagine the college without you. You will be sorely missed. May your lives be filled with joy and wonder!


  4. WOW! The list of names is representative of so much wisdom and dedication to teaching and to the College. I had occasion to work with many of these individuals in different contexts and have respect for their contributions to NCC. I wish all of them the best in their retirement!

  5. There is a great deal of talent, leadership, and institutional memory that were are losing here. I hope each and every one of them gets to enjoy retirement. Best wishes.

    1. The best is yet to come. Enjoy everyday and continue to make everyday count. Life is good.

  6. Wishing everyone a wonderful next chapter! NCC will surely miss your heart, talent, expertise, and commitment. All the best always.

  7. Dear Marilyn,

    Congratulations! This is quite an achievement. You have so enhanced NCC during your career there.

    I think of you often.



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