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The Results of Your Executive Board’s “Remote Elections Vote”

This is the text of the report sent today by the Tellers Committee to the Executive Board regarding the Board’s vote on whether or not we should hold remote elections this semester:

Dear Members of the Executive Board,

We are writing to report the results of the survey on whether or not the NCCFT should hold remote elections in the Spring of 2020.  As per the second notice you received, an affirmative vote by 2/3 of the board (22 members) was required in order for those elections to be held. These are the results:

  • 26 out of 32 Board Members voted
  • 15 voted to hold elections
  • 11 voted to postpone the elections

Since fewer than 22 members voted yes, the result is that our elections will be postponed until the Fall 2020 semester, when they will be held according to our constitution and by-laws. The current executive committee will continue to serve until such time as those elections can he held.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the NCCFT Office.

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