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From The Vice President’s Desk: Donna Hope

Now Is The Time!

(Remarks delivered by Vice President Donna Hope at the General Union Meeting on October 31st)

It’s standing on the shoulders of giants that will move our union forward into the future, and we have been fortunate to have President Frank Frisenda’s very strong shoulders to stand on. If you get the chance, please take a moment to thank him for leading us in these most recent contract negotiations. Our contract is stronger, and therefore so are we, because of his leadership.

That strong foundation, however, is only as good as the future we build upon it and for that we need you, our members, to articulate a vision for the this union’s future. And that future is NOW.

We can’t wait for tomorrow.

We can’t wait until our next contract is on the table.

The executive committee members are elected to do the work, to advocate for you. To defend jobs. To defend our contract. And to communicate your message, but it’s your collective voice that creates the message.

I want to see the NCCFT as a union with strong member-to-member support, a union that stands up for what is right, where members work together, listen to each other, and fight for each other’s rights, jobs, and safe and fair working conditions.

I want us to be union that “goes high” when they “go low.”

But what’s more important than what I want is what YOU want? WHAT IS YOUR VISION?

NOW is the time to share your voice.

NOW is the time to show that we can “go high” and still win!

NOW is the time we start negotiating our next contract… it’s part of what we have to do everyday in our actions and our words…

NOW is the time for us to unify and stand together in solidarity!

Help us help you move our union forward NOW!

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