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The 2017 Election Results Are In for Nassau County and We Couldn’t Be Happier!

Our union has a lot be happy about based on the results of yesterday’s voting:

  • We endorsed Laura Curran for County Executive, and she won;
  • We endorsed Jack Schnirman for County Comptroller, and he won;
  • We supported former NCC Trustee Arnie Drucker, and he won;
  • We supported Kevan Abrahams, and he won.

Also, and very importantly, the citizens of New York rejected the proposal to hold a Constitutional Convention (which we wrote about here).

We owe a debt of thanks to the members of our Political Action Committee who made phone calls in support of Laura Curran; who spoke out on behalf of the other candidates we supported; and who helped spread the word about why it was imperative to defeat the Constitutional Convention.

We look forward to working with our newly elected legislators to help further the mission of Nassau Community College and to making sure that quality higher education is available and accessible to everyone in Nassau County.

4 Responses

  1. We as members of the Political Action Committee are absolutely delighted.
    Efforts with the phone calls and Lawn signs were not in vain !!
    Laura Curran has always been very supportive, and attended most of our Spring Showcase events.

  2. Thanks to the PAC/NCCFT. It was a close race so the effort is much appreciated. Hopefully we will see some much needed changes around here and a better contract in three years. I know the PAC/NCCFT was with Laura Curran from the very beginning and I have no doubt she remembers this well.

  3. Kudos to the efforts of NYSUT and the NCCFT, especially the PAC!! Nassau County really needed a new start with dynamic leadership, and I am very hopeful that Laura Curran will give us both. Now, if only the Town of Oyster Bay had followed suit . . .

  4. From here in Clallam County (Olympic Peninsula), Washington, we watched your results with great interest, It is gratifying that the particular den of thieves that dragged the County and NCC down over the past decade or so is out on its ear. I suspect this result is the joint work of diligent unionists (NCCFT and other) AND the people’s disgust with the antics of criminals like Trump, who, after all, is good buddies with the machine in Nassau and Suffolk via his bff Robert Mercer and THEIR compadre Steve Bannon (not Stephanie as in the cabaret). Out here, in rightwing territory, initiatives to compel more education for the police succeeded! Also, NCC students should know that marijuana is completely legal. Little old ladies and rednecks alike buy cannabis in the stores.
    Just goes to show, as the old rockabilly song said, “My long hair can’t cover up my red neck!” — in Nassau as in Clallam!
    Barry Fruchter

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