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NYSUT’s Community College Leadership Conference, October 28-30

This past weekend, the NCCFT Executive Committee, along with a contingent of active NCCFT members, attended NYSUT’s 38th annual Community College Leadership Conference.

NYSUT Community College Leadership Conference 2016
Top (from left to right): Richard Newman (NCCFT Secretary), Kathleen Gallagher (Engineering/Physics/Tech Dept. Rep), Phyllis Kurland (Chair, Retention Committee), Alex Sanchioli (Physical Science Dept. Rep), Virginia Sanchioli (Chemistry Dept. Rep), Debra DeSanto (former NCCFT President), Frank Pupa (Philosophy Dept. Rep). Bottom (from left to right): Darleen Braunshweiger(At-large Convention Delegate), Lynn Mazzola (Chair of Chairs), Frank Frisenda (NCCFT President), Christine Tuaillon (Chair, Political Action Committee), Jim Young (Sociology Dept. Alternative Rep), Dawn Smith (NCCFT Vice President), Donna Hope (NCCFT Vice President), Carmine DeSanto (At-large Convention Delegate.


A gathering of community conference union leaders and members from throughout New York State, the conference offers workshops on issues important to the smooth functioning and future growth of our union and provides an opportunity to meet other higher education leaders with whom we share concerns.

The workshops covered issues including communications, collective bargaining, member engagement, and community college finances. The issues we’re facing on our campus these days make it easy to forget just how much the union does that is not connected to Middle States and/or faculty governance. The conference was a chance for us to reconnect with that work in an energizing environment. We’re glad to have had the opportunity to do so.

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