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NCCFT Elections 2023

The Nassau Community College Federation of Teachers (NCCFT) leadership is a democratically elected body. Candidate information and the positions they are running for are publicized below. Please be aware that some candidates may provide external links to their own websites, which we do not manage. The NCCFT, therefore, makes no guarantee as to the accuracy of information or nature of content on external sites, which are provided solely for transparency purposes. If a candidate has provided a website, clicking their name below will take you to their website.


President (2023-2025)

Professor, JD, PhD
Department of History, Political Science, Geography and Latin American Studies

In my twenty-five years at the college, I have served in many capacities including: NCCFT Secretary, NCCFT’s Grievance Panel Judge, Academic Senator, and now union President. I remain committed to protecting the contract and each of you. In 16 months as NCCFT President I have worked tirelessly to rebuild our union and restore respect for our union and faculty. It takes time and perseverance. Change is not instantaneous. I ask you to stay the course, reject the fear tactics implemented and we will see better days. (Visit My Website)

Tracyann picture

Assistant Professor
Department of Economics and Finance

I am running for NCCFT President because we need change! My career has spanned both the corporate and academic world. I have over twenty years of experience in the field of Finance. This has made me comfortable with numbers, will help me think creatively and on my feet during negotiations. But I also have an understanding of the academic side through my time here at NCC. I have served on the Scholarship, ERC and DEI committees. I promise you I will use every tool at my disposal to negotiate a fair contract that benefits ALL members of the NCCFT! (Visit My Website)

Vice President Classroom (2023-2026)

Professor, Ph.D.
Department of Math/Computer Science/Info Tec

In 15 months as Classroom VP, I’ve applied my Engineering PhD and experiences tirelessly improving working conditions.

· Got college to respond to HVAC; Mold; leaky roofs, windows and plumbing;

· Built legislator relationships by leading campus tours and speaking publicly/privately;

· Got NYSUT to introduce legislation to include a faculty member on BOT; · Developed NCCFT $5.9 million initiatives proposal to hire 60 new faculty.

I listen to our members, ask difficult questions and am persistent. I ask that you reelect me to a full term so that I can continue to use my unique qualifications and knowledge to improve your NCC experience. (Visit My Website)

Vice President Non-Classroom (2023-2026)
Virginia Sanchioli

Technical Assistant III
Department of Biology

I would be honored to serve as VP of Non-Classroom and Professional Faculty to ensure that our voices are heard. My goal is to keep the lines of communication open by listening to all members while acting with integrity. I have loved NCC from the second I stepped foot on this campus, first as a student, then as a full-time member of the faculty. We all know how special this campus is and we are all willing to fight to ensure its success. We must do it together and we have to start NOW!

Thank you for your support. (View My Website)

Smith photo (002)

Technical Assistant III

Having proudly served as the NCCFT Vice President Non-Classroom/Professional Faculty for more than 5 years, I know what this commitment entails. I helped negotiate two successful contracts, have been a voting member of the Academic Senate, Developmental Education, and my department P&B. I also served as the chair of the Political Action Committee. I have collaborated with members to solve problems. Your concerns must be heard on campus and in state and local political arenas. I would be honored to once again serve you and I will continue to work diligently on behalf of all faculty. (Visit My Website)

Treasurer (2023-2026)
Caroline Falconetti

Professor, MBA, CPA
Department of Accounting and Business

It has been an honor to serve as the NCCFT Treasurer for the past 11 years. I have a degree in both Accounting and Finance and I am a licensed CPA. My position not only consists of managing the daily finances and budget of the union; I have worked diligently with the Executive Committee to serve our faculty in negotiations and as a NCCFT representative on college committees. I have worked as an intermediary between the faculty and administration on many issues. I will continue to advocate for inclusivity and equity for all our members.

Secretary (2023-2025)

Professor, Ph.D.
Department of English

I will continue to work hard to make us effective as a union. Since February 2022, I have helped write more than 60 blog articles. I initiated and coordinated efforts to develop a new blog, saving us $2,000+ annually. Our new non-NCC email systems include 76% of membership, due in great part to my outreach. I have been a key organizer of about 4 rallies, one petition, a letter campaign, informational picketing, phone banking, and the ongoing VOTE-COPE drive. I take minutes at Executive Board, Executive Committee, General Meeting, and contract negotiation meetings and maintain online charts tracking negotiations. (Visit My Website)

I’m not happy with the current state of our union – none of us should be. Recent email chains, and leadership encouraging aggressive tactics, including angry email campaigns, and the overall distrust of the college and/or administration – needs to stop. We’re all Nassau Community College – we need to work together. The NCCFT cannot continue the way we have over the past term. Elect me because change is needed – giving a new, fresh voice to represent not only the non-classroom faculty & PFU, but ALL faculty. We CAN work together to get to a fair contract and make NCCFT & membership stronger. (Visit My Website)