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Middle States

The NCCFT Executive Committee, with unanimous approval from the NCCFT Executive Board, in agreement with Dr. Evelyn Deluty, Chair of the Academic Senate and Prof. Lynn Mazzola, Chair of the Academic Senate Chairs Committee, has determined that the steps towards improvement required to bring the College into compliance with Middle States necessitates the input of the NCCFT membership. Therefore, we are forming an emergency ad hoc NCCFT Middle States Committee which will allow all NCCFT members to participate in this effort.

In addition, the timing of the Middle States report may call for meeting beyond the end of the Spring 2016 semester. Dr. Evelyn Deluty, who has volunteered to serve as Chairperson, will make that determination. If anyone is contacted to participate or if you are volunteering on your own, please forward your name to the NCCFT office so that we may keep a record and serve as a repository.

We are confident that, if the Administration and Board of Trustees are willing to be transparent, we can begin a new dialogue to foster an environment of trust and we will succeed in bringing the College into compliance with Middle States.