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The Transition

The close of the Fall/2015 semester brings a total of 106 NCCFT members participating in the Special Retirement Incentive.  Below is a list of these colleagues who represent thousands of years of service.  The contributions made by these individuals to our students, campus and community are impossible to calculate, list or express.  We recognize their departure will impact the campus in both obvious and subtle ways.

Couple this with the havoc wrought upon the campus from an Administration incapable or unwilling to cooperate with the faculty, adhere to established policies and powerless to provide a remedy for a dysfunctional Board of Trustees. The NCCFT leadership, Academic Senate Executive Committee, Chairs and membership recognize we are in a state of transition. The Administration, Board of Trustees and other internal and external stakeholders also understand this. The next Nassau Community College President must understand this.  Many important questions regarding this transition must be asked and answered.   The NCCFT Executive Committee wants to assure the membership and entire college community that the foundation established by past and present members will be sustained and strengthened.  We are fully engaged and organized to uphold the standards we value and deliver the quality of the educational experience we are entrusted with.

The transition begins now, be prepared for discussions, calls to action and choices.  We shall remain strong in our unity and commitment.

To all our retirees – happy holidays, thank you for your years of dedication, and remember the countless lives you have touched.  We wish you happiness and the very best of health in your future endeavors. To those continuing at NCC – happy holidays, thank you for your years of dedication, and remember the countless lives you have touched.  There is no doubt all of you will continue your efforts to make this a better world.

We wish you all a happy and healthy new year.

The NCCFT Executive Committee