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NCCFT Update

The NCCFT Executive Committee had their first meeting with Dr. Dolan on September 22, 2015.

President DeSanto requested that a copy of the organizational chart be sent to the faculty.  We are pleased to see that the chart has been forwarded.

At this meeting, President DeSanto along with the other executive committee members repeatedly expressed the need to replace full-time faculty.  It was pointed out that full-time faculty, in addition to teaching, hold office hours, serve on departmental and college-wide committees and also play a major role in the shared governance at NCC.  Most importantly, full-time faculty serve on numerous committees that advocate for our students and work to enhance their lives while at NCC.  It is important to remember that students come first. The conversation was lengthy and the role of the full-time faculty member was reiterated over and over.  Dr. Dolan acknowledged the concern but again pointed to budgetary issues.  At that point, we did discuss the number of Administrators on the campus.

Also discussed was the AVP search and the timing of this search. The timing of the search is problematic without a President in place.

Debbie clearly stated to Dr. Dolan that at every meeting he will continue to hear about the need to replace the full-time faculty and that the budgetary issue is not an adequate response.  This is about the elimination of services that full-time faculty on this campus provide.  Thus, if retention is truly an issue, and full-time lines aren’t replaced, who will students seek out for their educational needs?

We urge you all to speak out at your departmental, Academic Senate and sub-committee meetings, as well as, at the BOT meetings and with Administration and County elected officials about the importance of maintaining full-time faculty lines to keep NCC the “gem” of Nassau County.

More to follow…..

NCCFT Executive Committee