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NCCFT 2014-2015 Review

NCCFT Academic-Year-Partial Summary*


 September 2014

A new election committee was created to serve in addition to the current tellers committee.

The purpose was to review the process of elections for the executive committee.

Ten members of the faculty were selected, as per the Collective Bargaining Agreement, to serve on the college-wide retention committee (CWRC).  Phyllis Kurland will serve as Chair representing the faculty on this committee.

October 2014

The NCCFT New Faculty Luncheon was held on October 2, 2014 during club hour in the CCB room 252.

NYSUT LGBT Conference was held in Latham, NY October 24-25, 2014.

Year to date membership: of the 693 full time lines, 692 are members of the NCCFT.

The NCCFT continues to work on the CBA, which was closely reviewed and proofread.  Until all language is agreed upon, several people will proofread it and then it will go to printing.

The presidential search is ongoing. The committee expects to report the results to the BOT by the end of February. From there the SUNY trustees will get the information by May or June.  A job description is forthcoming.

November 2014

Community College Conference was held in Saratoga Springs, NY November 7-9, 2014.

This three-day conference is sponsored by NYSUT.

December 2014

“Reclaim the Promise” campaign – members solicited signatures across the campus. Reclaiming the promise is about making college affordable and accessible to all and relieving the burdens of those costs that have been shifted onto students and families. In the early 1970’s education law was approved funding New York’s community colleges, specifically NY Education Law §6304: NY Code Section 6304: Financing of community colleges. The law talks about the often talks about the 1/3 funding formula: 1/3 from the students, 1/3 from the county and 1/3 from the state.  We are not receiving the 1/3 funding from the state and it is time to “reclaim the promise” and insist that New York State fund its community colleges as it promised in its own 1970’s legislation.

The NCCFT held its annual Holiday Luncheon on December 9.  “Reclaim the Promise” was introduced and members were asked to sign the petition.

VOTE-COPE conference in Albany.

January 2015

The NYSUT Higher Ed Policy Council in New York City.

Chancellor’s Award for Classified Service Committee.

The Affirmative Action Committee wants to pass a resolution of civility regarding language being used by BOT members.

February 2015

Representatives from the Political Action Committee met State legislators during the February 2015 NYSUT Lobby Day. A petition including 1,200 signatures for the “reclaim the promise” was delivered.

March 2015

The AFT Conference: Several members of the NCCFT attended the March 12-15, 2015 conference in Buena Vista,  Florida.

Health & Safety Co-Chairs attended the March 12 NYSUT Health & Safety Conference in Albany.

Promotion & Tenure – 33 Full Prof. and 22 for Assoc. Prof. applications were submitted.

Administration agreed to make sick days for LINCC faculty effective retroactively to September 2013.

Members of the P&T Committee met with the Exec. Comm. and J. Sandler regarding Dr. Saunders’ failure to recommend a faculty member for reclassification that the committee had recommended:

  • The NCCFT grievance officer recommended filing a grievance that Section 61 of the CBA had been violated
  • The Exec. Comm. voted unanimously to file this grievance
  • The grievance Chair will send Acting President Dr. Saunders requesting any documentation sent to the BOT regarding promotions, tenure and reclassifications for the March 2015 BOT meeting

Step II grievance regarding Dr. Saunders’ failure to forward to the BOT a recommendation by the P&T Committee for a member’s Reclassification to Technologist was filed on March 26, 2015: the Acting President denied same and a Step III grievance is being filed.

Held non-tenured faculty meeting on March 24.

April 2015

Regarding the BOT’s violation of Section 19 Academic Senate, the filed STEP II grievance was denied by the Acting President: the NCCFT will file a Step III.

The Agreement to Provide Health Insurance Coverage in regards to the Special Retirement Incentive was finalized. The faculty may view it at Human Resources.  The letter will also be posted on our website.

J. Hoyt submitted his resignation for Vice President for Non-Classroom/Professional Faculty as of August 31, 2015.

The Student Showcase Luncheon was held on Thursday, April 23, 2015.

Jeff Friedman, NYSUT Regional Political strategist, attended an Executive Committee meeting in April.

Four members of the NCCFT executive committee attended the April 23 Alumni Honoree Dinner.

J. Sandler, NYSUT LRS discussed the following:

NCC Foundation FOIL case – the Foundation refused to divulge information to the NCCFT so a FOIL was filed.  The Supreme Court of the State of New York, Appellate Division: Second Judicial Department granted our appeal in the case we initiated against the NCC Foundation.  The Foundation is not an agency but inexplicably intertwined with the College.  Review is on a case to case basis and determined on its own merit.

May 2015

NCCFT The end-of-semester luncheon was May 5.

ED39 meeting May 29 – 30 in Troy, NY.

Acting President Saunders failed to recommend P&T’s recommendation of reclassification; case is going to BOT Personnel Committee via Acting President.

CBA – printed and emails went out for department representatives to pick up.

D. Smith was elected to the position of Vice President for Non-Classroom/Professional Faculty effective September 1, 2015.

June 2015

Faculty member won – was awarded reclassification on June 9, 2015.

NCCFT Committee Chairs luncheon was held June 16.

Joint letter (Academic Senate, NCCFT, Chairs) was sent to SUNY BOT re: Interim President at NCC; joint letter also sent to NCC BOT and to Newsday.

July/August 2015

AAO complaints continue- thus far, more than 20 have been filed.

Grievances – there are a number pending.

BOT meetings

  • Presidential Search
  • Maria Conzatti named “Officer in Charge” at August 19 BOT meeting

Food Pantry – the NESTatNCC has been finalized.  NCCFT remitted the money faculty had donated at the last two luncheons.   Volunteer workshop attended.

Meeting with Life Insurance Company.

Accounting firm visited to close out 14-15 fiscal year.

*The above highlighted activities represent a very small portion of the day-to-day activities that take place in the NCCFT office.  We remind all members to speak to their elected department representative for additional details.


 NCCFT Fall 2015 Calendar of Events

September 22, 2015:   NCCFT Executive Board Meeting             11:30 AM          G109

October 8, 2015:          NCCFT New Faculty Luncheon                11:30 AM          CCB 252

October 13, 2015:        NCCFT Executive Board Meeting             11:30 AM          G109

October 20, 2015:        NCCFT General Union Meeting               11:30 AM           CCB – MPR

November 17, 2015:     NCCFT Executive Board Meeting             11:30 AM          G109

December 8, 2015:       NCCFT End-of-Semester Luncheon        11:30 AM           CCB – MPR

December 15, 2015:     NCCFT Executive Board Meeting            11:30 AM           G109


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