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Fall 2015

The NCCFT Executive Committee (NEC) wants to welcome the Classroom Faculty back to the Fall semester and thank the Non-Classroom/Professional Faculty for their support services all year.

There are many changes in the campus leadership as we enter the new academic year, including the NCCFT Executive Committee. We want to thank Dr. James Hoyt for his 15 years of dedicated service to the NEC and wish him the very best.  Replacing Jim as Vice-President, Non-Classroom/Professional Faculty is Dawn Smith. We are looking forward to her joining the team.  In addition, Prof. Donna Hope is returning from her sabbatical to her position as Secretary of the NEC which brings the Executive Committee to full strength and we welcome her back.

Some of the Administration’s changes to note include the hiring of Regina Cafarelli of Ingerman Smith LLP to replace Ann Muth as contract administrator.

Furthermore, the shift from:

“Dr. Kenneth Saunders, Acting President and Maria Conzatti, Executive VP” to “Maria Conzatti, Officer-in-Charge and Dr. Saunders, Executive VP”,  will  probably not produce many administrative decision changes, except stylistic. Meanwhile, the Board will continue the interviews for Interim President on the evening of September 2, 2015. We urge you to watch this process unfold as we work with the “new” administration while  the search continues for a permanent President.

Thus far, the search firm spent the Fall 2014 semester searching for candidates for Winter 2015 interviews. This process was designed to give the BOT time to choose and interview the finalists, and give any finalist the Spring 2015 semester to wrap up their previous employment and begin at Nassau prior to opening day on September 1, 2015.  This is also the ideal process for departments seeking new hires, rather than waiting until the last minute when many of the best candidates have found employment elsewhere. Now, the search firm is scrambling for new candidates to jump into the fray and submit their resumes by September 1, 2015. One has to wonder what candidates are looking to quit their jobs (if they are employed) immediately and become NCC President ASAP. Of course, they are still competing with Dr. Saunders, who remains a finalist. In addition, the Board thanked Trustee Mary Adams for serving on the board.  Trustee Adams was a County appointment and will be replaced by the County.

Speaking of searches, if you peruse the College website, there is an announcement for a new Academic Vice-President. The ASEC, Chairs and NCCFT have been asking for this position to be filled; however, this posting comes as a surprise as no announcement or committee has been formed.  The ASEC are reviewing this for further action.

This summer was indeed an active period on campus. The NEC met with the ASEC and the Chairs Executive Committee (CEC) in an effort to coordinate our actions with respect to the actions of the BOT and Administration and their ill-advised, disastrous resolutions on class size, developmental education and curriculum.  In addition, the Board passed a resolution in the Spring semester directing the display of identification badges for faculty, staff and vendors, while students must only be in possession of such identification. Please note, this resolution came from a recommendation from the non-Senate Campus Security Advisory Committee. It is imperative that faculty be vigilant in identifying and reporting the actions of “shadow governance” groups on campus. Finally, the number of cases being referred to the Affirmative Action Office continues to be a concern, as many of these cases are found to have no merit.

As we begin this new academic year, there are changes in the composition of the BOT, Administration, ASEC, CEC, NEC as well as a reduction in full-time faculty. We urge you to remain active, step up and join the various committees of the Senate, Chairs and NCCFT in order to maintain the academic and professional standards we have worked so hard to obtain.

In closing, the NCCFT Executive Committee wants to thank the new full-time retirees for their countless years of service that have made this institution the gem of Nassau County and wish them the very best.

In solidarity

NCCFT Executive Committee