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A Just Result

Thanks to Promotion and Tenure Committee Chair, Dr. Patricia Halcrow, P & T Secretary, Professor Connie Egelman, and all of the members of the committee for their tenacious and unwavering persistence on behalf of one of our members whom they had recommended for reclassification but whom Acting President Saunders had failed to recommend to the Board of Trustees.

How did this result happen?

  • The P & T Chair and Secretary were called to meet with Dr. Saunders to describe the process and outline their decision making regarding this applicant. (They were refused Union representation at this meeting by Dr. Saunders)
  • The issue was discussed on several occasions during monthly meetings between the NCCFT Executive Committee and the Administration in an effort to resolve the situation.
  • The P&T Committee wrote a letter to the BOT expressing their concerns over Acting President Saunders’ refusal to forward one of their recommendations to the BOT.
  • The BOT requested additional information.
  • An outstanding letter to the Board of Trustees outlined both the process and the rationale for recommending the reclassification.
  • Almost all of the members of the Promotion and Tenure Committee were present at last night’s Board meeting.
  • The Chair of the P & T Committee met with eight members of the Board and several administrators in Executive session.
  • The Board finally announced their unanimous decision to approve the P&T Committee’s recommendation. (The new student trustee abstained since she had not been a part of the discussion)

Once again, thank you to the P&T Committee members for their Union support and solidarity as well as the time and effort necessary to effectuate a just result.

This was a monumental and extraordinarily important decision not just for the faculty member but for our entire promotion process.

In solidarity

The NCCFT Executive Committee