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We Will Prevail

The Faculty at Nassau Community College are remarkable in their professionalism, knowledge, commitment and spirit. This semester has been marked with countless achievements, awards, promotions, resolutions, debates and successes in and out of the classroom.

There are many changes in the composition of the many committees that comprise the shared governance structure on campus including the Academic Senate Executive Committee, Senate Committees, NCCFT Committees, Chairs Committee, Faculty Student Association and more. We want to thank everyone who has served with distinction and honor this year, especially considering the dysfunction on campus and welcome the new and continuing members.

It would seem unfathomable that the College is wrapping up the Spring semester in such chaos. Yet, the “new normal” places the faculty, administration and board of trustees in an adversarial position. We have heard discussions in various Union meetings, Senate meetings, Chairs meetings, Administrative meetings, Board of Trustees meetings, Department meetings, Area meetings and hallway meetings. Every side believes they are correct, every side claims they are willing to cooperate, compromise and communicate.

Yet, we end the semester with unresolved Senate issues such as the Planning Committee resolution, the Curriculum resolution, the Developmental Education resolution, the Class-size resolution and emergency days.  However, most of these issues were resolved through our very successful Shared Governance Process but vetoed by our Acting President!

Furthermore, we have unresolved NCCFT issues such as retirements, replacements of full-time faculty and the catastrophic interference by our Acting President with the recommendations of the P&T committee.

And then, there is the issue of NO decision on who will be the next College President.

The current state of affairs cannot and will not be the “new normal” if the NCCFT membership continues to work together within the shared governance structure!

We have witnessed your commitment to those values that have made this Union strong allowing us to achieve a contract that has given each of you the ability to realize your dreams while maintaining the quality education and national reputation that our students expect from the “Jewel of Nassau County”.   The Executive Committee thanks you and asks that you continue your support for the initiatives that will be forthcoming. We will prevail.

In solidarity

The NCCFT Executive Committee