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Message from NYSUT President Karen Magee

Sisters and brothers:

Gov. Cuomo has declared war on teachers and public education … and every student, parent and educator is threatened by his attacks.

He wants to:

  • · gut collective bargaining and due process rights
  • · hold school funds hostage to his threats
  • · deny college students access and opportunity and
  • · more than double the weight of high-stakes standardized tests.

And he’s pushing his Billionaires’ Agenda by demonizing teachers and unions.

This is the most punishing education plan ever put forward by any New York governor. And it’s a plan that MUST BE STOPPED!

This brief video is my urgent call to action for all NYSUT members. I ask you to take a moment to watch it and then share.

And go to nysut.org/allkidsneed for actions you can take right now to get involved.

Stand up against scapegoating and support what all kids need.

· Please watch this brief video call to action.

You will find action steps, resources and information at nysut.org/allkidsneed to help us win this war.

Thank you in advance for joining the fight to save public education!

In solidarity,

Karen E. Magee