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The dysfunction that exists within our administration does not end at the gates of Nassau Community College. If you follow the breadcrumbs, you will find the trail leads to the County Legislature, State Legislature, SUNY and the Governor. Beyond those boundaries, there lies much more, but not for this post.

We heard the State of the Union and the President’s plans for education; we heard the State of the State and the Governor’s plans for education; we heard the State of SUNY and the Chancellor’s plans for SUNY; we heard from our Board of Trustees and their plans for education. Of course, we have not heard from our Deans, but the Deans Remain Silent.

Make no mistake about it, We Are At War! Our previous post is the message from NYSUT President Karen Magee. This battle includes N-20 and beyond. We must build coalitions in the community we serve in order to identify areas of common concern and interest.  Areas of the community we are building coalitions with are our N-12 brothers and sisters and the LIFed Jobs with Justice group. These efforts are being led by our PAC Co-Chairs, Dawn Smith and Stephanie Sapiie, respectively. I know many NCCFT members work closely with various groups in the community and we need to hear from you so that you may share your advocacy efforts with us.

More immediately, we urge all our members to join the NYSUT Member Action Center. You can log in with your computer to https://mac.nysut.org/; or, better yet, download the App to your phone (download the MAC App from the Apple store if you have an iPhone, download from Google-Play for Android phones); still better, right now you can text “38470”.  With this, you will receive NYSUT MAC (Member Action Center) Text Alerts.

These alerts will ask you to take ACTION.  It makes it easy to immediately send emails and faxes to your Legislators and the Governor on important educational issues.  We need to be heard!