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NYSUT Member Benefits

Dear NYSUT Members:

All NYSUT members will be receiving their new membership cards this month as part of a special mailing that will include information pertaining to the core benefits that NYSUT provides to its membership. This mailing will also include a letter from Martin Messner, Secretary-Treasurer of NYSUT and Chairperson of the NYSUT Member Benefits Trust.

Click the following link to view Martin’s letter — http://issuu.com/mbnewsletter/docs/membership_mailing_1-6-15?e=4255078/10809570. To view this document in page reader mode after clicking the link, click on the third button from the right in the black menu bar at the top of the page.

I encourage you to take the time to read Martin’s letter and learn how you could potentially save significant money by participating in NYSUT Member Benefits-endorsed programs & services. Find out how much Martin saved when he called to inquire about a number of services, including auto & homeowners insurance, life insurance, home heating oil, vacation plans, movie tickets, and much more.

The true merits of being a union member include better contracts, safer working conditions, fair pay, political activism, etc.; however, many members may not realize that there are additional benefits to being a union member. I encourage you to consider the many programs & services endorsed by NYSUT Member Benefits and inquire about your future potential savings.

Thank you for your time.

Martin Messner
Chairperson, NYSUT Member Benefits Trust