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NCCFT President DeSanto's Statement to BOT 7-30-12

I am Debra DeSanto, president of the union. On behalf of the NCCFT Executive Committee, good morning.

Thank you for hearing us and taking the appropriate action to get the college back on the right track. In the spirit of cooperation, I would like to share the following thoughts with you.

It is our hope that NCC’s new leader will be someone who will welcome our faculty’s commitment to the quality and integrity of this institution. We are hopeful that our new leader will work closely with the faculty within our governance structure and respect and honor the collective bargaining agreement. We need to be able to communicate openly and honestly to reach our mutual goals. It is essential that as we move forward we work to rebuild the morale that was damaged on both sides.

Finally, it is important that we continue to nurture our culture and our history as the nationally recognized academic institution that NCC symbolizes for the sake of our students and the community.

I would like to welcome Ken and Maria to their new roles on campus. I look forward to working with both of you – I am only a phone call away.

Thank you.