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NCCFT Update – March 25, 2012

This has been another week of surprises, primarily in the form of a confidentiality agreement passed by the Nassau Community College Foundation Board of Directors. How are we not to assume they have something to hide

    • when they refuse to allow Directors to brief the community that the foundation serves;

    • when they legally challenge our FOIL requests;

    • and when they introduce changes to the Foundation by-laws that eliminate faculty representation on its Board?

These changes are particularly insulting to the many members of the college community who contribute money to the Foundation or have set up their own endowments. No doubt confidence in the Foundation will be shaken as a result, and we fear that donations will decrease.

In other news:

NCCFT members Dawn Smith and Stephanie Sapiie at a rally in Patchogue on 3/21/12 in support of CWA and local Verizon workers protesting company policies and support a federal bill that would penalize companies that sent call centers overseas.

On Thursday, Dawn Smith and Stephanie Sapiie attended the LIFed/NYSUT rally in support of the Communication Workers of America in their long struggle with Verizon. It is important that the membership of the NCCFT demonstrates our commitment to other labor organizations in their struggles with intractable management, both public and private.

On Monday, Vice-President Frank Frisenda, PAC Co-chairs Dawn Smith and Jean Miller, Legislative liaison Stephanie Sapiie and Executive Board member Maryann Pervelis attended the Long Island Federation of Labor (LIFed) monthly Leadership class which focused on the establishment and status of the National Labor Relations Board.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, President Debbie DeSanto and Vice-President Frank Frisenda met with Republican and Democratic leaders of Nassau County to represent the concerns of the NCCFT faculty with respect to the toxic state of affairs on this campus.

We will see you on the Quad, Tuesday, March 27 during club hour. Wear your NCCFT shirts! And don’t forget the “Make-Up” Board of Trustees meeting on Wednesday night at 8:00pm.

In Unity,
The NCCFT Executive Committee