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Defend Pensions: Oppose Tier 6.

Today the New York State AFL-CIO is launching a statewide radio ad campaign in opposition to the proposed Tier 6 pension changes. You can listen to the radio ad here.

Tier 6 would severely undermine the retirement security of workers who dedicate their careers to serving the residents of New York.

Mario Cilentro, President of the New York AFL-CIO, says of Tier 6:

“Make no mistake, this is not just about public employees. This is about all workers and the security provided by defined-benefit pensions. Government should set an example for what we aspire to be, not what we fear we may become. Far too many have already learned the hard way that a 401(k) is not enough.”

“There is much we can agree on, such as rebuilding our economy and generating much needed revenue. New Yorkers would be better served if we could focus on that shared agenda of creating and retaining good jobs. So called pension reform simply serves as a distraction that hurts middle class New Yorkers at a time they can afford it least, and slows any momentum we have to turn the economy around.”

NYSUT joins this fight with flyers you can download and share, and with faxes you can send to your legislators. Please visit NYSUT’s new Member Action Center. They need our help not only to defend pensions, but also to demand funds for higher education and for all schools.