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NCCFT Update 12-12-11

This past week can be summed up as exasperating.  We began the week with an allfaculty email discussion concerning the Administration’s decision to shut down our previously unrestricted access to the allncc email list.  As we are sure you know by now, the Administration alleges its decision was predicated by an unknown threat sent to Donna Haugen’s College email account.

On Tuesday, the Academic Senate met and the discussion of censorship, speech and its place in this educational institution continued.  Dr. Saunders made a motion asking the Senate to condemn a Photoshopped Time magazine cover that swapped out the original subject, Mitt Romney, for a picture of Dr. Astrab.  After discussion characterized entirely by opposition to censorship, the motion was defeated.  The Senate also discussed and passed a resolution opposed to the use of Writeplacer as the sole arbiter of student placement essays, and heard a report from the Collegewide Curriculum Committee, informed by a NYSUT legal memo, affirming the legality of the College’s PED requirements and recommending that PED credits be required for all degrees.

These discussions continued into Wednesday evening’s Board of Trustees meeting, where the NCCFT membership spoke about an assortment of issues including: the moratorium of the allncc email; safety and security of the entire campus community; the dissolution of shared governance; the advisement of Basic Education Program students; the use of Writeplacer, and the impact of a cell-phone tower to be placed on campus.  We cannot stress the importance of faculty attending these BOT meetings and expressing your concerns to the Trustees.

Additionally, the following meetings of note occurred:

  • On Monday, the NCCFT Budget Committee met with Jim Behrens.
  • On Monday, Professors Debbie DeSanto and Frank Frisenda met with George Maragos (Nassau County Comptroller) to discuss issues including changes to the payment schedule for classroom faculty.
  • On Wednesday, the NCCFT Executive Committee attended a NYSUT Election District meeting in Merrick. We heard from NYSUT President Dick Ianuzzi and NYSUT Regional Staff Director John Coverdale who updated us on state and local political affairs.
  • On Tuesday, Dr. James Hoyt attended the BOT Capital and Finance Committee.
  • On Thursday, Professors Debbie DeSanto, Frank Frisenda  and our NYSUT Labor Relations Specialist, Claudia Shacter-deChabert met with BOT Chair Geoffrey Prime, Student Trustee Gul Berktas and outside counsel John Gross for a discussion of the state of affairs at NCC.
  • On Friday, the NCCFT Political Action Committee, Chaired by Ms. Dawn Smith, hosted our Fall Faculty Forum breakfast. Suffolk Community College Faculty Association Vice President Kevin Peterman gave a presentation concerning the creation of a sustainable political action campaign.
  • On Friday, Professors Debbie DeSanto and Frank Frisenda met with the AFA to discuss the state of the college.

As you can see, it has been a very busy week. We encourage you to stay in touch with us and we promise to keep you informed.

In Solidarity,

The NCCFT Executive Committee