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BOT Statement—Wednesday, December 7, 2011 read by President M. Debra DeSanto

Security on a college campus must be of paramount importance.  The NCCFT is always deeply concerned with the safety of our entire community – students, faculty, staff, administrators and visitors alike. We are concerned with security on our campus both in and out of the classroom.   But real security requires action that is not only measured but effectively linked to the security risk posed.

Here is a cautionary tale. Last week a faculty member received 12 vulgar, obscene and threatening emails from a student. The action taken: it was reported to the police, and an arrest was eventually made. The email system was left intact. Now let’s compare this to the other improper use of the email system. In the same week campus security reported an alleged threatening email made against an administrator. Again, the police were called in and we are told that the matter is now the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation. Here is where the similarity ends. Dr. Astrab has suspended unrestricted college employee access to ALLNCC email.

Our concern is for the security of the entire campus.  Yet, how can we feel secure if discrete campus groups are treated differently? How can we feel secure if the response to a threat to an individual is to punish the entire community?  A response which misguidedly links speech to security.

What we require on this campus is measured and linked security action and equal concern and treatment for the security of all members of this campus regardless of their status.