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Recent Administrative Raises Are Hypocritical

What follows is a letter to the editor sent by NCCFT Secretary and Associate Professor of History Faren Siminoff to Newsday earlier this week and published in a slightly edited form at Newsday.com on Thursday, December 1 2011.

Dear Editor:

On September 11, 2011 Newsday commented on the problems at Nassau Community College. Since President Donald Astrab assumed the reigns of Nassau Community College two years ago, this institution has lurched from crisis to crisis. During his tenure he has terminated thirty-nine full-time teaching faculty in an alleged response to state and county cuts to the College budget. Dr. Astrab has declared we are in a “New World” of sacrifice. So imagine our surprise when we recently learned that many college administrators received hefty raises over this same two-year period. In 2011 alone, sixteen administrators received raises totaling almost $200,000. The raises averaged 10.5% with some individuals receiving up to a 33% hike.

Here are some examples: an administrator received increases totaling $42,950 since 2009, the salary of another was recently boosted by a robust $33,185, while yet another administrator received a $21,700 raise. All of this while classes are becoming over-crowded, student services are being cut and supplies go un-replenished. It is no wonder that the learning environment at NCC deteriorates by the day – all to the detriment of our students, your children.

Sacrifice? It seems to be a one-way street these days at NCC.

Faren R. Siminoff, JD, PHD
Associate Professor American History, NCC
NCCFT, Secretary