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Down The Rabbit Hole

The sudden shut-down of the “allncc” feature of our email system has left many of us stunned. The NCCFT Executive Committee has communicated our concerns to Dr. Astrab. The only response we have received from the Administration is that some sort of criminal activity has occurred, a criminal investigation has ensued and this event warrants the shut-down of the “allncc” feature of the email system.

Let’s review this in light of what we know. The “allncc” email that we received from Dr. Astrab announcing the shut-down begins with a short editorial criticizing and chastising the membership for using the “allncc” email feature to criticize and chastise the President and his Administration. The email continues by making the claim that at times these statements have the unfortunate consequence of eliciting further discussion, whereby those discussions engender fear for one’s personal and family safety. Apparently, another such email has emerged. Dr. Astrab concludes that the logical step to take is shut down the feature as not to exacerbate the situation. It is our understanding that the other features (allftfaculty, alladmin, allcsea, etc.) are still active; therefore, couldn’t this “criminal” email be distributed via one of these other venues? If you want to send an “allncc” email, you must now send it to the Office of Public Relations where it will be evaluated for appropriateness prior to granting approval for distribution. Curiouser and Curiouser!

Since Dr. Astrab realizes this “moratorium” is a not a reasonable long term solution, he will bring a permanent policy recommendation to the Board of Trustees regulating the use of the College email system.

Finally, in typical condescending manner, he “trusts” that we will understand his reasonable approach to shutting us up for our own good.

Remember Dr. Astrab’s attempt to mollify the faculty with his “mea culpa” email and speech at the Academic Senate. We warned you at that time not to take a collective sigh of relief. At that time, he promised to create a kinder, gentler administration and to listen to us. Obviously not via email.

NCCFT Update:

  • The Nassau County Comptroller’s office has advised the NCCFT that due to a change in the technology in use at the County, the full-time classroom faculty will no longer receive a lump sum payment in June 2012. Instead, those faculty members will be paid over 26 weeks. Prof. Debra DeSanto and Prof. Frank Frisenda will meet with the County Comptroller to discuss this issue and we will have more information in the future.
  • The NCCFT Budget Committee continues to meet with the Administration reviewing the financial aspects of the College budget.
  • Dr. Elizabeth Wood, NCCFT Treasurer, in compliance with American Federation of Teachers policies, prepared and made available all records, materials and information requested by the NCCFT financial review committee, (Caroline Falconetti, Chair; Lynn Mazzola, Maryann Capone, Garry Ouellette, Ethel Weeks) which has conducted the annual review of the Federation’s finances. Their conclusions will be released as soon as they are compiled.
  • Dr. Faren Siminoff wrote a letter to the editor of Newsday regarding the increase in administrative salaries at NCC. That letter was published on December 1, 2011.