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What's it all about?


NCCFT members are wearing buttons that encourage students and other members of the campus community to ask us what it’s all about. The “it” is the newly energized activism of the faculty. So, what is that all about?

  • It’s about protecting the academic integrity of our degree and certificate programs.
  • It’s about keeping classes small so that our students can receive the individual attention they need to succeed.
  • It’s about offering enough sections of courses that students can complete their degrees on time.
  • It’s about providing a wide variety of course offerings and degree and certificate programs, so we can meet the needs of a diverse and changing county.
  • It’s about guaranteeing that students can access the services they need when they need them.

It’s all about our students. Our students deserve a full college experience. As NCCFT members, our job is to make sure that NCC continues to be able to provide that.

That’s what it’s all about!